How to use your logo on your videos

Whether it’s for a tutorial video or for your YouTube channel, it’s important that your videos look professional. This will help you stand out and gain views. Today we’re going to look at how to use your logo on your videos. Your logo is an important part of your brand image and should be everywhere, from your website to your business cards and even your videos!

The importance of having a flexible logo

Let’s start at the beginning: when you create your logo, it is important that it is flexible. In other words, you should be able to use your logo in any medium, whether it is on the web or in print. When you start a business, you may use different communication channels during its existence. Perhaps you will create tutorial videos or even a YouTube channel to grow your community. Therefore, to avoid having to change your logo regularly, keep in mind to create a flexible logo.

But what exactly are the criteria for a flexible logo? Well, it should be relatively simple and easy to use. Avoid using too many elements or having too much detail, as this hinders its reproduction. It is also recommended not to use more than three colours to keep a certain harmony. On another note, you can even have different versions of your logo if necessary (for example, one version in black and white, another with only the emblem). Indeed, a simplified version of your logo could be useful for your videos.

Use your logo in the thumbnail

If you want to attract attention and get views, it is essential that the thumbnail of your video is perfect. This is the image that presents your video. It should be representative and attention-grabbing. Whether you are just starting your channel or are already a YouTube expert, it might be a good idea to add your logo, or even a simplified version, to your thumbnails. This makes it easier to be recognised and adds a touch of professionalism.

Here’s an example: when you come across a video on a Netflix series, you’ll find the company’s red logo on the top left or right. This shows that it is an official video of the channel.

Use your logo in the intro of your video

Secondly, it might be interesting to use your logo in the first few seconds of your video, specifically in the introduction. There are several reasons why creators use introductions on their YouTube videos. Firstly, it allows them to quickly introduce who they are and what they do while showing their expertise. It’s a preview of what’s to come. It should also be interesting, as the creators only have a few seconds to convince visitors to listen to their content. Secondly, the introductions also help to increase the length of the video.

One channel we find particularly interesting for its introductions is SuperCarlinBrothers. They start their videos by asking a question or a thought, and then this is followed by a small animation that presents their logo, but also their slogan. It’s simple, effective and it separates the introduction from the rest of the video.

Using your logo in the video

Then we noticed that several channels were also using their logo directly on the video. Indeed, you can often find their emblem at the top or bottom right during the viewing. The whole thing is quite discreet, you can use a black or white version so that it works with the background at all times. The use here is mainly to remind you that this is a video from a specific channel. Alternatively, if you want your logo to be visible during the broadcast, it might be worth using a simplified version of your logo. For example, if you have a combined logo, you might decide to use only the symbol.

FreeLogoDesign does not have a YouTube channel at the moment, however if we were to create videos, it is very likely that we would add our icon to the bottom right of them.

Use your logo at the end of your video

Finally, as you might guess, you can also use your logo at the end of your video. Remember, the more someone sees your logo, the more likely they are to remember your channel. There are various ways to close a YouTube video, it’s up to you to see what works best for you. You can even use a specific template to showcase other videos on your channel. However, whatever you decide to do, this is a great opportunity to show your logo again.

In this regard, we find that the YouTube Watcher channel does a great job of making its conclusions. It’s a custom screen related to the theme of the video and it features their logo, as well as suggestions of similar videos to watch.